Any new member must be a physical or moral person represented by an association with a deep interest and with an experience on the issues related to fertilisers. Its admission shall be subject to the approval of all full members of the Association.

Only one full member per country will be admitted, this member being the organisation judged to be the most representative of this country. The member will strive to encourage the Association carrying out a “bulk blending” activity.

Every member of the EFBA must undertake to pay the annual dues which will be established by the annual general meeting.


The EFBA is managed by a Board (President, Vice President and General Secretary) which number of members, set during the General Assembly, is of 12 members at most elected for 3 years.

The President shall convene the General meetings and the board meeting. He is invested with full power.

The General Secretary is responsible for all matters of correspondence and archiving. He draws up the agendas and minutes of the board or General Assembly.

The Treasurer is responsible for all matters concerning the financial management of the Association.


THE EFBA activities are entirely oriented towards those concerns which are common to its members, at the European level and wider, if appropriate. It is agreed that the EFBA will not intervene for its members at national level.

The objects of the association is to encourage among members the exchange of economic information of a general nature concerning the market of fertilisers, to keep abreast of texts and draft texts published by the EC and CEN in the field of fertilisers and to inform the members therefore, to organise visits and studying travel, to publish leaflet and brochure to promote fertiliser blending.

Edito of the EFBA President

Dear interested persons,

At the moment Agriculture is facing enormous challenges. The cost of crop inputs and energy continue to rise, this is happening against a backdrop of falling output prices. It has never been more important to match the particular fertilizer programme with the nutritional needs of the target crop. This makes perfect sense not only from an Economic point of view but also helps to protect our Environment.

We, at the European Fertilizer Blenders Association (EFBA), continue to play our part in bringing to the market the tools to develop the most efficient fertilizing programmes. Blended fertilizers are a key to matching the fertilizer application with the nutrient requirements of the particular plant. EFBA are providing the tools to develop such programmes.

I would like to thank my colleagues, who elected me President of EFBA and I look forward to their continued support in the development of our organization.

Dr. Jörg-Ulrich Drews


Edito of the EFBA President

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The EFBA, the Leading Voice for the European Blended Fertiliser Industry explains Blended Fertilisers

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The EFBA General Assembly 2019

The EFBA General Assembly took place on April 11 & 12, 2019 in Basel ( Switzerland)

This meeting, headed by the President Jörg Ulrich DREWS, has been an opportunity for the 8 countries represented to exchange on the fertiliser sector (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland).



The EFBA 2018 General Assembly took place in Dusseldorf (Germany) on March 21. 

The organization is ensured by Dr. Jörg-Ulrich Drews, Geschäftsführer, Bundesverband der Düngermischer e.V. The agenda covered among other topics the European commission annual report and the WG fertilizers, the CEN/TC standardization, the IFS activities, annual report of each European members… Dr. Jörg-Ulrich Drews is currently President of the EFBA.


Switzerland becomes the 8th member association of the EFBA.

Each member greets Mr Herwig OPDEBEECK. OPD.OPDEBEECK SA – Rue de Latigny 3 – CH-1955 Chamoson – T  +41 27 306 88 88

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This space is strictly reserved to the members of EFBA. You will find hereafter the minutes of the general assembly, the figures per year of each member country as well as useful documents in favor of a good development of the fertiliser market.

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