Representatives of each association

President of EFBA

Dr. Jörg-Ulrich DREWS

EFBA General Secretary

Estelle VALLIN

Representative of Germany

Dr. Jörg-Ulrich DREWS / President of BVDM (Bundesverband der Düngermischer e.V.)

Representative of Germany


From 1978 till 1980, Jan learnt Bank Clerk,  then from 1980 till 1985, Jan worked for
ATR Husum and Hansa Landhandel, Zeven as a graintrader in England.
Since 1986, he works in his family owned company and is responsible for the agricultural Department for the Bröring Unternehmensgruppe.
Since 2000, Jan is a member of the board by the German blenders Organisation

Representative of France

Philibert de MOUSTIER - President of AFCOME

Representative of France

Estelle VALLIN - Director of AFCOME

Representative of the United Kingdom

Jo GILBERTSON - Head of Fertiliser sector of Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC)

Representative of Italy

Pier Luigi GRAZIANO - Président AIF

Pier Luigi Graziano graduated from the University of Bologna, Italy, in 1973 with a degree in chemistry. He has been working for 15 years at the faculty of agronomy of the same University on fertiliser related matters.

In 1998, with his partner Marino Perelli, he founded Arvan srl, the consulting company for the industries involved in fertiliser production and trade based near Venice and with an office in Bologna, where he lives.

Arvan srl also publishes technical books on fertilisers, the collection of national and European fertiliser legislation and a specific magazine on fertilisers, “FERTILIZZANTI”, of which Pier Luigi is editor.

Pier Luigi is President of the Associazione Italiana Fertilizzanti, AIF, the largest Italian fertiliser manufacturers association, is member of the technical advisory commission for fertilisers of the Italian ministry of agriculture and represents Italy at the European Fertiliser Blenders Association, EFBA.

Pier Luigi has served in the IFS Council from 1999 to 2004 and has been president in 2002/2003. Main fields of interest: regulatory aspects, fertiliser formulation and by-products recycling.

Representative of the Netherlands

Jaap BRINK - President

Representative of Ireland

Kevin Mc Ardle - President of IFMA (Irish Fertilizer Marketing Association)

Representative of Belgium

Pierre DETRY - Director of MEKOSON-AGRO

Representative of Switzerland


Webmaster / Interpreter


+ 33 (O)675 087 579

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