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The EFBA (European Fertiliser Blenders Association) is an Association founded on June 1993 by the French Association of Blended Fertilisers (the AFCOME) and the German Association, Bundesverband der Hofnahen Düngermischer e.v.

Regulated by the 1901 French Law, the EFBA (European Fertiliser Blenders Association) is an Association of European Union member states involved in the production of compound blended fertilisers by using various nutrients in a number of regional factories.

This type of production is used to:

By this technique, both protection of the environment and economic interest of farmers are taken into account.

 The EFBA aims at:

By its action, the EFBA asserts the interest of fertiliser blenders toward the European Administration.

The EFBA has also published a Handbook on fertiliser blends, available in three languages English, French and German.

In addition, the EFBA has drawn up standards for desirable grain sizes for a quality blend.

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This space is strictly reserved to the members of EFBA. You will find hereafter the minutes of the general assembly, the figures per year of each member country as well as useful documents in favor of a good development of the fertiliser market.

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