The EFBA European Members

The EFBA federates 8 European countries (Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Ireland and Belgium).

Every country is constituted by a representative association of the professionals of fertilisers.

BVDM (Bundesverband der Düngermischer e.V.)

Address : Bonhoefferstr. 18, 48351 Everswinkel (GERMANY)

Web :

AFCOME (Association Française de Commercialisation et de mélange d'engrais)

Address : 34, place de la Gare - 53000 LAVAL

Web :

A.I.C (Agricultural Industries Confederation)

Address : Confederation House - East of England Showground - Peterborough PE26XE - UNITED KINGDOM

Web :

A.I.F (Associazione Italiana Fertilizzanti)

Address : Via Gramsci 59 - CP n. 140 30034 MIRA, VENEZIA - ITALY

Web :

NVB (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Blenders Van Meststoffen)

Address : Eperweg 16A - 8071 AX NUNSPEET – THE NETHERLANDS

Web :

I.F.M.A. ( Irish Fertilizer Marketing Association)

Address : 8 Knightsbrook Way Trim, Co. Meath, IRELAND

Email :

UNGREN (Union of wholesalers in chemical fertilisers) / VEGROM (Vereniging der Groothandelaars in Meststoffen)

Address : MEKOSON-AGRO sa - 10, rue de la Reffe 4920 REMOUCHAMPS - BELGIUM

Email :

Web :


Address : Rue de Latigny, 3 1955 CHAMOSON (SUISSE)

Email :

Web :

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This space is strictly reserved to the members of EFBA. You will find hereafter the minutes of the general assembly, the figures per year of each member country as well as useful documents in favor of a good development of the fertiliser market.

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